Call for Abstracts


We are excited to inform you that our conference will feature both poster and podium presentation sessions. As a result, we will be opening the abstract submission process shortly.

Abstracts may take the form of case reports, case series, original articles, as well as all aspects of Basic Science and Clinical Research.

Deadline: Abstract submission will open on April 1st, 2024, and close on June 30th, 2024.

Format: Each abstract must be submitted as a Microsoft Word file (“.doc” or “.docx”)

Layout: The text must be left-justified, single-spaced, and in Arial 12 font.

Length: The body of the abstract must fit on one A4 sheet with a maximum of 350 words, including tables, figures, and graphs.

Language: The text must be clear, concise, and written in proper English.

Content: Abstracts should focus on congenital colorectal conditions, with a preference for those emphasizing the transition of care and post-treatment follow-up.

Structure: The content of the abstract must be structured as follows:

  • Title: Bold font and capital letters, without abbreviations.
  • Authors: Each author’s name must start with initial(s) followed by surname. The presenting author must be underlined, and each institutional affiliation must be indicated by an individual superscript number.
  • Institutional Affiliations: Must be in chronological order, each starting on a new line.
  • Corresponding Author’s Email Address: Clearly stated.
  • Abstract Text:
    • For case reports/series, use the headings: background, case presentation, conclusions.
    • For original articles, use the headings: background, materials and methods, results, conclusions.
  • Tables/Figures: No more than one table/figure can be included in the abstract.
    (Abstracts must include data with clear descriptions of results and conclusions. For example, a p-value without accompanying data is not sufficient).

This is an excellent opportunity to share valuable insights and contribute to the advancement of transition of care in colorectal surgery.

All abstracts can be submitted for consideration to